My place of gratitude

“People here are not going to pay that much for this.”

That’s exactly what you want to hear in your first year of a new adventure. I hadn’t even considered myself “in business” yet because truly I wasn’t. There was no name, no title, no wins, no invoices, no record, what could I point to that would lend credibility?! All I had to offer was my experience in this industry, my experience with this skill set and my work ethic. 

I have carried those words with me every day since. With each email, text message and phone call, I replay those words in my heart. Then I ask myself, what value am I adding to this young ladies life? Am I worth the price I am charging? 

I don’t ask these out of fear of failure to produce, I now have a record to support me and my rate. I replay these words as a touchstone, a reminder to never stop learning, to stay sharp and stay focused on what I am doing and why. Yes, the words still sting and on the really low days. I can feel the whispers of “that’s because SHE didn’t see you as that valuable, as worthy of that rate.” 

But isn’t that just like life and competition? One person, one panel of judges may not see the full value in your resume, may not feel you have put in enough sweat equity to warrant this title. Perhaps the one standing next to you edged you out by the smallest margin of effort. We will never know. But when those irritating, poisonous thoughts begin to wrap around your heart and erode your confidence, flatten your feet into the foundation that you were created in His image. Straighten your spine with the understanding of how much strength you have gained as you worked to this point. Narrow your gaze to the goals you have set for yourself. Use your voice and speak with authority on the hours you have spent in service to your community. 

Today may not be your day of victory but it is another day of opportunity. Today, I may not be the most coveted, sought-after, top-tier coach but I know my worth. I know what I bring to the table and who comes with me to speak truth and hope and love to the next generation. 

I am a coach, a consultant, a confidant and a champion of young women, future leaders, “dragon-slayers” as I have been known to call them.

You, queen, are an advocate, an encourager, an inspiration to those who went before and those who are coming after. Remind yourself daily so you can set about the good work ahead of you. 

Get up and get dressed, next generation is waiting for you to carve your path so they can begin. Let’s Go!